Create a "Sonic Attack" Detector for the US State Department.

The US embassy in Cuba had nearly 21 personnel who were exposed to what was described as a "sonic weapon attack" in which high-powered low-frequency transmissions were blamed for causing physical damage such as hearing loss and even brain damage.

A group from the University of Michigan recently demonstrated how the sonic attack could have actually been inadvertent feedback from two covert listening devices.

If the latter scenario is true, then the same "sonic attack" could potentially happen anywhere there is an intelligence interest for our adversaries, such as other US Embassies and diplomatic posts abroad. I suggest the creation of an app that runs continuously on a network of WBT, perhaps placed in embassy facilities and the residences of embassy personnel, which monitors the spectrum most likely used in these "sonic attacks" and can alarm/notify someone when a certain energy threshold is met. This would allow US personnel to detect immediately when one of these events occurs, in hopes that counter-intelligence personnel can quickly react and no personnel are permanently harmed.

  • James Paisley
  • Apr 13 2018
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